Value = Benefits/Cost

The challenges of owning and operating a medical practice force many of our colleagues to sacrifice quality of care by spending time and money keeping up with ever-changing reimbursement schemes, government compliance, and the business of medicine. And, the barriers to starting a new practice are nearly insurmountable. By collaborating with Health Performance Specialists, you maintain your independence while a physician-led team helps us get focused on doing what we love and were trained to do -- providing quality care for our patients. Your HPS team maximizes the compensation you and your family deserve while not compromising your values to medical-industrial complex profiteers who neither swore to uphold ethical standards in the Hippocratic Oath nor have a duty to the patient beyond a quarterly earnings report.

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Data-driven results

HPS believes everything should be transparent and data-driven. From medical supplies to staff salaries, office visits to procedures, new patient leads to performance metrics, we ensure all network physician data is shared and available to ensure that Health Performance Specialists' physicians are leaders in their field.

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Financial performance

All aspects of the financial side of your medical practice are closely monitored. We help you manage as little or as much as you like, including everything from insurance payer negotiations, authorizations, collections, and denials. A customized scorecard for each network physician helps guide, strategically manage, and plan current and future financial decisions to make sure you remain profitable.

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Group Purchasing

Your ability to purchase medical equipment, supplies, devices, and enjoy savings like a large group is yet another benefit of becoming an HPS network physician. Independent physicians now have the ability to buy in bulk, receive discounted pricing, and eliminate shipping costs.

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practice Independently

One of the best benefits of networking with your HPS team is your ability to remain independent while having the infrastructure necessary to compete, succeed, and thrive in today's medical practice environment. You have a competitive edge while collaborating with your HPS team and network physicians while still leading your own office and team.